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So I wrote a book.  It’s a kids book.  As I’m writing this my heart is full and I can’t find the words to describe how I feel.  I wanted to release this book for Easter but I just could not get everything together in time.  A few weeks ago it all came together and just like that my book is ready for public consumption.

Yoga with Aunty Mo is a book to introduce children to yoga.  It is written from a child’s perspective and has lovely color photos to help your child follow along to the poses.  It also transports you to my home community of Mon Repos and catch a glimpse into the life of the children who inspired the book. These children love yoga.  They come to my house to do yoga.  I don’t have a yard so we do yoga in the street.  My god daughter (the red head) has been doing yoga since she was 2 years old.  She now believes that she is running a yoga business and hands out cards and flyers without anyone asking her to do it.  I wrote the book because I want these kids to be able to do yoga when I’m not around or when I don’t feel well.

You can buy the book in kindle format or paperback on Amazon.  You can access it through my store.  The book will also be available as several locations around the island soon.  Stay tuned to this site and social media for updates.

Below is a video of how excited I was when my book was finally on Amazon.  Get your copy today!!!!